InstallationBrenham, TX


Conservation of
Potable Water

Provide Additional Revenue

Ease of Use

The Portalogic Solution

A hauler fills their truck with reclaimed water from the Brenham, Texas Portalogic water filling station

In the spring of 2012, EleMech installed a Portalogic water filling station for the city of Brenham, Texas. The station dispenses effluent water from the wastewater treatment plant. Haulers purchase this reclaimed water for construction, hydraulic fracturing, and other purposes.

Portalogic management software allows real-time monitoring of the station from the office.

This water filling station is equipped with a card reader for hauler login

The station has proven to be user friendly for both customers and internal staff. Dane Rau, the city of Brenham's Assistant Director of Public Utilities reported that "we were amazed when we discovered this station was more economical than three of Portalogic's competitors, and by the customer service provided by EleMech, Inc. during the set up period." The water filling station allows the municipality to set up an account, issue a customer card, track usage, and has added another source of revenue for them.

Brenham reclaimed water filling station

"We are proud of our station and even more proud that we are conserving potable water and at the same time increasing revenue for our City. Thank you Elemech, for helping us realize our goal.”