InstallationEugene, OR


Secure Roadside Access

Remote Account Creation

Mobile Payment Platform

The Portalogic Solution

A Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Station with Portapay enabled allows for mobile payments by haulers.

The Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) provides bulk water to contractors, street sweepers, and the general public through a roadside water dispensing station. In order to meet the unique needs of this location, they needed a solution that would allow haulers to be able to create accounts and pay for the water on the spot, as well as protect the equipment from unauthorized users.

This Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Station remains secure at the roadside with a lockable stainless steel enclosure, and admin controlled user access through Portalogic Management Software.

EWEB chose a Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Station and paired it with Portapay, a mobile payment platform for haulers (also by EleMech). The lockable station coupled with Portapay ensures only authorized users can use the station. Haulers can use Portapay to create and manage accounts, and pay for water, all from a mobile device.

The user-friendly interface of Portalogic hauler stations and Portapay cators to both domestic and industrial users.

Portapay seemlessly communicates with Portalogic Management Software, so any accounts created at the station or afterhours automatically sync with Portalogic. Portalogic also allows EWEB to track hauler activity and monitor the station remotely, making the Portapay/Portalogic pairing a truly hands-off management experience.