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Hour Uninterruptable Service

Bulk Water Fill Stations

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The Portalogic Solution

A Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Station at the Bataan Water Loading Station in Gallup, NM.

The Bataan Water Loading Station in Gallup, NM provides water for commercial businesses, agriculture operations, and the population of Gallup including a nearby Native American reservation. After their existing card reader system failed and having to cope with a clunky single-coin acceptor system, the City of Gallup chose to install two new custom FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Stations by Portalogic.

Two Portalogic Bulk Water Fill Stations provide 24-hour access to potable water for residents of Gallup, NM and a neighboring Native American reservation.

Each station is equipped with a stainless steel keypad and a coin acceptor. In order to meet the needs of the reservation and residents of Gallup, the stations provide 24-hour, uninterruptable access to potable water. Customers with accounts may use the keypad to enter access numbers and desired volumes, and customers without accounts can simply enter coins for a preset volume of water per coin.

Coin fed Portalogic Bulk Water Fill Stations allow customers to get water without creating an account at any time of day.

After experiencing success with the two initial water stations, the City of Gallup opted to install a third to provide greater access to water. All three stations are equipped with air-conditioners to stay cool in the desert heat, and remotely report to Portalogic Management Software installed on PCs at City Hall in downtown Gallup, NM.