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The Portalogic Solution

A Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Station at the Occidental Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sonoma, CA.

Occidental, CA produces more wastewater than its treatment plant can comfortably handle, and regularly has water trucked to other treatment plants in Sonoma County. When experiencing particularly heavy inflow, Occidental trucks the wastewater to a plant in Santa Rosa. Sonoma County decided to equip both of these locations with Portalogic hauler stations to simplify this process.

This Portalogic DS-25 Septage Receiving Station in Santa Rosa is used for both commercial waste receiving, and the transfer of wastewater coming from the plant in Occidental. Both locations are in Sonoma, CA

The Occidental site utilizes a Portalogic FS-20 Bulk Water Fill Station (see first picture) to dispense wastewater to trucks staffed by Sonoma County. The waste is hauled to Santa Rosa, where a Portalogic DS-25 Waste Receiving Station (above) accepts the wastewater into the plant.

Santa Rosa WWTP is also equipped with a Portalogic FS-22 Bulk Water Fill Station, where the plant profits from selling reuse water in bulk.

Also installed at the Santa Rosa plant is a Portalogic FS-22 Bulk Water Fill Station (above), where Sonoma County benefits from the sales of reuse water.