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Hauled Waste & Water Management Software

Portalogic management software is a responsive web application for monitoring and controlling hauler stations for septage receiving and bulk water dispensing.
A screenshot of a live version of Portalogic showing actual revenue and volume  for a single day at this particular site.
Haulers may sign up for Portapay to manage their payments online
A Portalogic station with touch screen display driven by Portalogic software

Portalogic Management Software is the backbone of every Portalogic water dispensing or wastewater receiving system. Complimentary with the purchase of any hauler station, the software is a hub where you can monitor your stations, track and manage hauler accounts, and automate your billing process.

Portalogic provides the critical attention required in the wastewaster industry. Through a constant secure connection to your stations, you are made instantly aware if your stations stop a transaction due to a detected pH imbalance in a hauler's load, or if an unauthorized user is trying to use the station. Gallon cheating is also completely eliminated through the use of several compatible payment methods and metering.

This software, developed through customer feedback over the course of more than 15 years, has become the industry standard in the water and wastewater industry. Portalogic's mission is to help facilities manage water and waste responsibly while reducing costs through our automated stations and software.

Product Features

Control and Monitoring

Manage one or more stations comfortably from your office. You can activate or deactivate truck privileges, view station usage in real-time, set station hours, and more.

Customer Accounts

Easily create accounts for new customers and tie trucks to their accounts for easy tracking. Accounts can be set up on a credit or debit basis with balances automatically calculated.

Preformatted Reports

Generate preformatted activity reports, revenue reports, and customer billing statements. Reports can be exported as PDFs or Excel Documents.


Portalogic can be installed on any number of computers at your facility. Set different user privileges such as read only, read and write, or admin.

Automated Record Keeping

Portalogic automatically synchronizes with the stations. Transaction details such as customer, truck, time, volume, cost, and more are stored in real-time.

Water/Waste Rates

Portalogic allows you to assign multiple water and waste type rates, including special pricing for specific customers, or over a set time period or volume.

Integrated Gate Control

Integrate new or existing gate controls into Portalogic software for added convenience and security. Allow authorized haulers into your facility, or deny access as needed.

Offsite Administration

Whether your stations are onsite, or 25 miles away from your office, Portalogic can remotely control and monitor your stations in real-time.

Supports Multiple Stations

Whether your managing billing for bulk water dispensing, tracking and sampling septage received, or both, Portalogic syncs with all stations on your site at once.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 or later/Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6, Microsoft ASP .NET 4.0, Windows Internet Information Services (IIS) Feature, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later
CPU Intel Core i5, 2 GHz
Hard Drive 15 GB free space
Network 1 Gbps/100 Mbps Ethernet Connection
Cloud (if used) Public Static IP Address and 10 Mbps or higher internet bandwidth
Portalogic may be installed on a server room computer, but only requires a simple machine, such as a laptop