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Secure Solutions for Receiving Any Trucked-In Waste

Two Portalogic DS-82 Dump Stations at a septage receiving facility
A Portalogic DS-25 Dump Station
Two Portalogic DS-200 Dump Stations at a waste receiving facility
A close-up of the keypad on a Portalogic Dump Station

Irresponsible hauled wastewater management can have serious consequences. An inefficient process also costs you money. You see firsthand the challenges your facility faces and understand the importance of security, record keeping, and minimizing costs. Your waste receiving process's success is our primary concern.

Portalogic's mission is to facilitate responsible liquid waste management while decreasing costs through our automated waste receiving stations. Since 2000, facilities have trusted us to build stations that meet their unique needs. Whether you're looking for a septage receiving station, a FOG collection unit, or another form of wastewater disposal, Portalogic has a solution that will meet your needs. Request a quote today and let us help realize your goals.

Our wastewater disposal stations can be fitted to receive any type of trucked-in waste.

Product Features

Secure Hauler Login

Haulers access the station using a reloadable swipe card and PIN number. Only permitted haulers in good standing can use the station.

Durable & Tamper-Proof

Stainless steel, lockable doors, tamper-proof card reader/keypad

Simple to Use

Display prompts guide haulers through transaction

Controls Access to Valve

Metered valve in base opens only to permitted haulers

Temperature Controlled

Optional air-conditioning or heating means Portalogic stations outperform even in extreme climates.

Customizable Models

Multiple customizable models make Portalogic stations ideal for any location, including curbside and unattended sites.

Stations for All Wastewater Types

Septage, fats-oils-grease, frac water, sludge, leachate... our stations can be configured to accept any type of wastewater.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our stations support multiple payment methods, like credit card, reloadable swipe card, RFID readers, and mobile account management.

Complimentary Software

Any purchase of supporting Portalogic stations comes with free installation of our Portalogic waste management software on any number of PCs.


  • DS-200
  • DS-25
  • DS-82
The Portalogic DS-200 Waste Dump Station

length: 24" width: 14" height: 24"

The DS-200 waste dump station is tamper-proof and simple for haulers to use. This station provides secure hauler access by PIN or swipe card.

It is an outdoor rated, wall or strut mounted enclosure that offers total flexibility. The DS-200 can interface with and control remote devices such as valves, meters, scales, gates, and many more.

The Portalogic DS-25 Waste Dump Station

length: 60" width: 24" height: 68"

The DS-25 waste dump station is secure, controls the valve, and provides metering.

This station has all the functionality of the DS-200, but also includes a mounting enclosure which houses a fast-acting inlet valve and flowmeter. A simple turnkey receiving system.

The Portalogic DS-82 Waste Dump Station

length: 82" width: 51.5" height: 67.5"

The DS-82 waste dump station is the complete solution for waste receiving.

This station has all the functionality of the DS-200, but also includes a full walk-in type enclosure for added temperature and security control. Enclosed are full pH monitoring systems, samplers, and much more. A complete turnkey receiving system.

Solar Powered Stations can be powered by solar energy for remote installations
Cold Climate Package Heaters, insulation, and heat tracing can be added to protect the station in cold climates
Hot Climate Package Air conditioners and sunshields can be added to protect the station in hot climates
Gate/Door Control The station can interface with automatic gates and doors if needed
Station Operation
Step 1 Hauler connects truck to inlet and turns the switch to "Start"
Step 2 Hauler uses swipe card or enters PIN
Step 3 Hauler follows display prompts and enters information such as waste type
Step 4 Inlet valve opens, "System Ready" light illuminates, and hauler discharges
Step 5 Hauler turns the switch to "Done" and a receipt is printed detailing the transaction