What is Portalogic?

Portalogic is a system designed to help facilities manage transported water and waste. The standard Portalogic system is comprised of two parts: a Portalogic Hauler Access Station and Portalogic Management Software.

EleMech, Inc., the creator of Portalogic, first created a septage receiving control system in 1992. Shortly after, facilities began asking for features that were similar to the SCADA packages being installed at plants. By 1999, EleMech had developed Portalogic software whose primary function was retrieving data from an access station and communicating with an administrator's PC.

Portalogic soon set the standard for billing systems offered today, and has since been expanded with features largely by customer request. Implementing these changes has made Portalogic a powerful and versatile tool, ideal for any facility dispensing water or receiving waste.

All Portalogic systems are manufactured and developed in Aurora, Illinois.

Why Choose Portalogic?

Secure Hauler Access

Customer accounts allow haulers a number of secure access options, so you're in control of who and what comes into your facility.

Automatic Data Collection

Portalogic automatically collects transaction details such as customer, truck, time, volume, cost, and more in real time.

Collect Load Samples

Set up automatic sampling for your septage receiving sites and protect your facilility from high toxicity waste.

View Data in Real-time

Monitor your stations in real time from the comfort of your office, on any number of PCs, or mobile tablets.

Reports and Billing Statements

Generate preformatted activity reports, revenue reports, and customer billing statements. Reports can be exported as PDFs or Excel Documents.


EleMech believes in constant growth and providing solutions. We will customize Portalogic stations and software to meet your specific needs.

How it Works

Portalogic simplifies the process for you and your haulers.

The hauler connects the truck to the Portalogic Hauler Access Station. Next, the hauler swipes a pre-assigned card or enters a PIN to gain access. If approved, the station's display prompts the hauler to enter additional information required by the facility such as waste type (if applicable). The "System Ready" light will turn on and open the inlet valve allowing the hauler to load/unload. If an alarm is triggered, the flow will stop and log the hauler off. If no alarms are triggered and the transfer completes, a receipt will print for the hauler. All load information is captured and can be viewed on the facility's office computers in real-time.

Portalogic software is a web-based application stored on an SQL server. It connects to Portalogic access stations through a local area network, wireless, or cellular connection. Optionally, it can also communicate with Portapay, an automated online credit card payment method for haulers provided by EleMech. Learn more about Portapay at the link below.