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The Portalogic Solution

Anchorage Septage Receiving Station

Turpin Road and King Street septage receiving facilities of Anchorage, Alaska are each equipped with Portalogic Hauler Access Stations. Each station is designed to use the plant’s existing proximity card and keypad system to access the remote, gate-secured discharge area.

Anchorage Septage Receiving Station

These hauler stations are built to withstand severe cold and include heavy-duty heaters and insulated enclosures. The Portalogic server, located 25 miles away in the administrator's office, communicates with and automatically retrieves load data from the stations.

Anchorage Septage Receiving Station

Installed on the office PCs, Portalogic Management Software allows administrators to enable or disable hauler access privileges remotely. Also included and monitored by Portalogic are control of the entrance gate, flow meter, inlet valve, lights, and tank levels. All data is uploaded and managed using a networked connection.